Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Retirement is only for the very young

When does retirement really start? Only in your head! Face it, you may not hold a paying job, you may be receiving money from the money you put away, but retire? How many people go into retirement with a set game plan on what they are going to do with it? Almost everyone is doing anything other than retire to their easy chair in the living room in front of the television! "80 is the new 60, 70 is the new 50, whatever. So, left with all this health, energy and creativity what are we doing with it? designing new gardens, redecorating, a lot more travel, and joining new groups and their functions. Who really retires?
What it means is you don't have to answer to anyone's bell. You are responsible for your schedule or lack of one. Many take on a new venture tailored only for them. Retirement jokes are passe'. How you spend your time and peoples view of you is not the same as your parents retirement, or is it? My parents retired to travel and visiting family. Fishing, hunting, gardening and continued support of the families church. Call that retirement? No easy chairs and television for them! I have this feeling the same will be said for me and for my husband. How do you go from 100 miles an hour to zero? You don't. You hit the ground running just like any other day you've lived. Nothing but the physical and mental capacity God gives you to the end will stop you. I don't know how long I'll live but, I will live it well!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Is La Bella Gift Baskets a scam

I joined La Bella Gift Baskets last Weds for $1.98. This gives me 7 days to get my website, read or listen to everything I can on the website and ask my initial questions. After that I have to pay $19.98 or, what I call $20 for every month thereafter. I’ve only paid to join one other online program. I will not join any program unless I’ve read a review about it by the one person I trust online. So I decided to join this one.
First I’ll cover the pros: I know it’s not a scam and I haven’t made any money yet! They have a tremendous support system. The training site is set up just for us beginners and there is a welcome conference call and they walk you through the training page step by step. Your web site is divided in half. They’ve packed in a lot of information into one easy to use site. It gives the visitor the chance to order and join as a consultant. The support is so comprehensive it can seem annoying, but it shouldn’t be. Its set up to do two things: They strive to attract even those with no knowledge of online earning. They support even those with no knowledge of online earning. Even those with a 40 hour work week and raising children as a single person you have a chance to make money and run a business. Last of all, it’s cheap to join. You are not left with a reason why the program didn’t work for you because it’s not clumsy, difficult to understand or has too many steps in it to achieve.
The cons are just like any other reputable online business with a twist. Successful online business owners are by definition willing to try and fail and try again. However with this one you can get a lot of training in the keyword and SEO writing department. Online sales takes knowledge and if you feel you have something to learn and want to do that cheaply $20 a month gets you in contact with those who already know. For instance the guy who referred me is a website designer and has offered me his services for free right from the start. I have very basic knowledge of keyword use and SEO. He should be able to help me understand it more.
What can you bring to the table: Just like any job the more you know going in the better. I do have two web sites that this will fit into quite well. So my websites will help push my website the top of the search engine heap! The people who read my websites will also be able to follow my weekly triumphs and failures with this program. How well I do will make some impact on LaBella Baskets as a whole.
Some feel the commission is too low. However, I’d like to know compared to what? There are other gift basket businesses out there but I’ve found them much more difficult to start up and only 6 to 8% commission for their affiliates tops. Feel free to correct me but I found that first you have to join their affiliate program. They need you to already have a web site that will cater to their program. Also 8% percent of we’ll say a $40 basket is $3.20.
Should you join? The jury is still out on that one. Even if this turns out to be successful for me I won’t be saying you should also join. What I can bring to the table and what you can bring to the table will be different. I can tell you it’s not a scam. If you find it’s not a possibility for you your money will not be totally wasted. You will learn about the online earning industry as a whole if nothing else.

Friday, June 10, 2011

LaBella Gift Baskets

I've been watching LaBella Gift Baskets in blogs across the internet for about a year now. I got in and set up my business for $1.95?!
In preparation for that big day of "rest" we are supposed to get on some unknown date in some unknown year you know I've been I've been looking at every aspect of who I will be and what will make me happy once that day comes. I've found the best his to find this out is by getting to know the people who've already retired. I don't ask them how they like it, I observe. Several people I've gotten to know well enough I can see what they do when at home, behind the scenes. The happiest women have the money to spend on travel and shopping. Men are content with puttering in the garden and maybe traveling sometimes. The others that are happiest, volunteer and spend a eat more time at church. The retired folks that seem to just plant the face of contentment busy themselves with baking bread or taking up a hobby. The happiest have some kind of mission in life. That usually consists with earning or playing with their investments. Guess what my goal is going to be.
I loved managing other peoples money when I was in the work world. I was always told in school to stay away from mathematical fields. Put a dollar $ign in front of the number boys and girls! I often wonder what those teachers would say if they saw me fly through a spread sheet!
So right now I am engrossed with this online busine$$ opportunity.