Wednesday, December 28, 2011

LaBella Gift Baskets

Although I stopped being part of the Labella "family" I have not stopped forever! I plan on being back, only my plate has been overloaded with demands of family. My personal life is not anything to write a book about but it is demanding at times. My autistic son is my primary responsibility and I take on that responsibility with both a heavy heart and without doubt I am the best person for the job.
He is a challenge at times. Today I received his seventh cell phone via UPS for him and now hope he comes to get it before we leave for South Dakota for the New Year. I am in charge of his spending habits with the little money he does receive. I know I can't just help him by giving him extra money because like his cell phone, it can easily be lost or broken or dropped somewhere it can never be retrieved from. So I go shopping with him and give him extra things for the holidays.
Then there are our other two sons whom we can't leave out just because one needs so much of our attention. One day we will be relocated and won't be able to take care of our autistic son and will need something to take up my time, even in retirement.